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When you choose to collaborate with me, you unlock a realm of advantages that truly set your projects on a remarkable trajectory. Anticipate nothing short of excellence: every deliverable is addressed with the utmost dedication and attention to detail, backed by a comprehensive research when needed, and always meets deadlines.

Linguistic solutions for a seamless communication

Video Game Localization & Review

All games should be enjoyed in any language just as in the original version, without issues that deviate the attention of the players from the experience. If you want to reach even more people in a smooth way with your product, you can count on me. 

Translation for Dubbing

Translating audiovisual content, such as TV shows or movies, implies a very different, thorough process than the usual translation steps, which I complement with my knowledge of the dubbing actors’ needs when performing with a translated script.


There are various reasons for which a game might be first localized into Castilian Spanish and then adapted into Latin American Spanish. Whatever the reason is, I can help. My commitment is to make sure that Latin American people can understand all the content by adapting the localization to the language they know.

Lip Sync Adaptation

There are some cases in which a video from your game or brand, such as a cinematic or an ad, needs to be dubbed. In order to help the dubbing actors and directors, the dialogues need to be synced with the characters’ lips movement. Thanks to my preparation and experience in dubbing, I can work with your material and prepare it to be recorded without problem.

Webcomic Translation & Review

Webcomics are becoming increasingly popular around the world, some of them being such a hit that they are even adapted to animes and TV series. If you would like to extend the scope of your webcomics, I might be the person you are looking for.

Linguistic Assistance in Recordings

Would you like to ensure the linguistic quality of your product when it’s being recorded and count with someone who can assist you with your linguistic inquiries related to the project? Let me help you! I can be virtually present (or in-person, if it’s in Mexico City) during the recording of your product.



Do you need a female voice of medium range? Consider me for the job! I have some experience in the field and, with the right directions, can get you covered.


If you are looking for a female, young voice to represent your brand or to convey the messages of your company, my vocal preparation allows me to be the solution you need. Let my voice be your voice!

Why me?

I like to consider myself as a responsible person interested in various fields, committed to provide the best results in any task, following the provided directions and always asking or researching when something is not clear.

What you get

If you decide to work with me, you will get a high-quality work delivered always on time, with the proper research when needed and performed with the utmost dedication and attention to detail.

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