Translator | Dubbing Actress | Voice-Over Talent

Jeannie Hernández – CEO

Born on November 15, 1993 in Nuevo León, Mexico, Jeannie is a translator and reviewer who started making a living from her passion in 2017, when she was given the chance to move from her birthplace to Mexico City to work in video game localization and translation for dubbing.

She has participated as a speaker in different talks and workshops in events such as the OMT’s International Translation and Interpretation Conference, UNAM’s International Specialised Translation Forum, among others.

Besides her Translation and Interpretation degree, Jeannie also has a degree as an English Instructor and has taken workshops and courses related to VO, dubbing and translation for dubbing.

In her free time, she loves playing video games, drawing, recording VO content for the video game-related social networks that she manages along with her partner, and spending time with her significant other.

Her favorite video games are NieR: Automata, Phasmophobia and Beat Saber.

Mercy – Lead of Moral Support

Born on September 27, 2021 in Chiapas, Mexico, Mercy is a loving Shiba Inu who likes playing, eating, sleeping and burping.

Her main duties are loving and making her family happy, and she is trained to give a paw, high-five, sit, lay down, among other things.

She is constantly hugged and kissed by her human mother, and she likes to return the gesture.

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