Industry toolkit

Essential resources for translators and voice talents


A variety of resources that I recommend or that have helped me when translating.

Multi Resources Document by Translators’ Tale Team
An amazing compilation of translation resources.
Latam Spanish Sound Descriptors List by Daiana E. Diaz and Alejandra Garbarello
A compilation of many sound descriptors that might be useful for subtitling, close captioning and even when translating subtitles from video games.
Dictionary of Rhymes by Eduardo Rodríguez Lorenzo
A useful dictionary of rhymes in Spanish with different filter options to provide a more accurate search.
The Fighting Game Glossary by Infil
A very complete resource where you can find a lot of terms related to fighting games.


In my experience, useful and trustworthy resources for this field.

VO Rate Guide
An online rate guide about the amounts charged in various VO categories.
IMPORTANT: This is only a reference. The actual rates might differ depending on the studio or agency that offers the job.
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